5th UHMWPE International Meeting Presentation: Crack Propagation Behavior in HXLPE

  • Reference:
  • P. Sirimamilla, J Furmanski, C Rimnac, Peak Stress Intensity Factor Governs Crack Propagation Velocity in Crosslinked UHMWPE. Transactions of the 5th UHMWPE International Meeting, Philadelphia, USA, September 22-23, 2011.
  • Keywords:
  • Fatigue, crack propagation, fracture, HXLPE, crosslinking
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  • The conference presentation is made publicly available at www.uhmwpe.org with permission of the speaker.


The Paris relationship estimates the fatigue crack propagation (FCP) resistance of UHMWPE, but recent studies suggest that a static mode mechanism governs fatigue crack propagation in UHMWPE. The hypothesis of this study is that fatigue crack propagation velocity in crosslinked UHMWPE is driven by the peak stress intensity, Kmax, during cyclic loading, rather than the stress intensity factor range, ΔK. The results suggest that, although crosslinked UHMWPE is a ductile polymer, the fracture mechanisms governing crack propagation are primarily static mode in nature, which is characteristic of brittle materials.

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