5th UHMWPE International Meeting Presentation: Oxidation of Highly Cross-linked Tibial Inserts

  • Reference:
  • Currier, B, Collier, J. Oxidation of Highly Cross-linked Tibial Inserts. Transactions of the 5th UHMWPE International Meeting, Philadelphia, USA, September 22-23, 2011.
  • Keywords:
  • X3, XLK, Prolong, TKA, THA, annealing, remelting, retrieval
  • Permissions:
  • The conference presentation is made publicly available at www.uhmwpe.org with permission of the speaker.


In this retrieval study, researchers from Dartmouth University investigated the following hypotheses: (1) highly cross-linked UHMWPE bearings produced by all protocols have the potential to oxidize in vivo, and (2) annealed highly cross-linked UHMWPE has a greater potential to oxidize in vivo than remelted highly cross-linked UHMWPE. Differences in postirradiation thermal processing of highly cross-linked UHMWPE were shown to lead to differences in oxidation resistance of HXL bearings in vivo.

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