5th UHMWPE International Meeting Presentation: Surface Damage and In Vivo Oxidation of HXLPE in TKA

  • Reference:
  • MacDonald D, et al., Surface Damage, In Vivo Oxidation, and Reasons of Revision for Highly Crosslinked Tibial Inserts for TKA. Transactions of the 5th UHMWPE International Meeting, Philadelphia, USA, September 22-23, 2011.
  • Keywords:
  • UHMWPE, Prolong, HXLPEs, Surface Damage, In Vivo Oxidation, Revision, TKA
  • Permissions:
  • The conference presentation is made publicly available at www.uhmwpe.org with permission of the speaker.


The purpose of this study was to investigate the damage mechanisms and oxidative stability of remelted polyethylenes in a consecutive series of retrieved tibial components. Posteriorly stabilized tibial components were retrieved at consecutive revision surgeries at 7 different surgical centers. Remelted highly crosslinked polyethylenes proved to have reduced oxidation indices as compared with conventional inserts.

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