The Bob Culver motto sounds a lot like the golden rule... Treat people and their pools the way you and your pool like to be treated. Treat people and their pools right, they'll treat you right in return.

About Us

Bob Culver, President of Bob Culver Pools, Inc.


Bob Culver, has lived pools and earned his livelihood in the swimming pools industry since the mid 1970’s. During his high school years, Bob worked with his older brother cleaning and occasionally doing smaller repairs on pools. While cleaning pools in the “California Sun” was a great way to earn money, Bob decided that it was not the direction he wanted to go. Bob was drawn toward the mechanical challenges of repairing pools, which then evolved and combined with renovating pools, which then evolved and combined with new construction and design.

While Bob is still involved in all of those areas, a significant portion of Bob’s business is using that experience doing pool inspections. Bob has been a licensed pool contractor since 1988 and for several years Bob worked with the California State Contractors Board as a “Subject matter expert” in the development of the swimming pool contractor examination currently being used by the state. Over the last 10 years Bob has been a guest speaker on numerous occasions for Property Inspectors associations. For well over 30 years, Bob has had, and still has, a lifelong commitment to ongoing education in the swimming pool field, and knows the value of it.

Service Area


If you're in Southern California and have a pool need, I'd be happy to help. First, start with a phone call or email. Let me know what you need and where the pool is currently or where you'd like one to be, and together we'll figure out just how Culver Pools can help you.

Need an Inspection?

No worries, I'm here to help. From private owners to real estate transactions, Culver Pools has inspected pools throughout Southern California for over 35 years. You could say I've probably seen it all, then again this is California - anything can happen.

Want a Beautiful Pool?

I guess it's a good thing those are our specialty. Bob Culver Pools builds pools for more than just swimming. When your pool and/or spa will be used to entertain some of the time and provide peaceful relaxation at other times, look no further - it's what we do best.

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