The UHMWPE Lexicon is the online reference for ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene used in total joint replacements. The additional goals for this website are to provide an overview of state-of-the-art research in several key polyethylene related problems of clinical significance and to encourage hypothesis driven polyethylene research. [+] Read more about us.

Publications & Reports

Conference Proceedings and Abstracts: 6th International UHMWPE Meeting, Torino Italy

The University of Torino in collaboration with the Implant Research Center of Drexel University and Exponent organized the 6th International UHMWPE Meeting, which was convened at the Congress Center "Unione Industriale," in Torino Italy, on Thursday and Friday, October 10-11, 2013. The purpose of the meeting was to bring together engineers, scientists, and clinicians from academia and industry and present leading edge research on advancements in medical grade UHMWPE technology and clinical applications. The abstracts and final agenda for the meeting are now available for download. Check back soon for PDFs of the individual presentations and posters, which will be uploaded to the website with the authors' permission.

Alternative Bearings in TKA: An Analysis 62,177 Primary Cases from the Kaiser Total Joint Replacement Registry

Researchers from the Kaiser Registry have compared the short-term revision risk in alternative surface bearing knees (oxidized zirconium (OZ) femoral implants or highly crosslinked polyethylene (HXLPE) inserts) with that for traditional bearings (cobalt-chromium (CoCR) on conventional polyethelene (CPE)). At least in the short term, none of the alternative knee bearings evaluated (CoCr-HXLPE or OZ-CPE) had a greater risk of all-cause, aseptic, and septic revision than traditional CoCr-CPE bearings. 

Advances in Tribological Testing of UHMWPE using Multidirectional Pin-on-Disk Testers

This review article provides an overview of POD test parameters for facilitating clinically relevant wear mechanisms of UHMWPE. Studies on the development of POD testing were briefly summarized. Researchers systematically reviewed wear rate data of UHMWPE generated by POD testers. POD testers can compare highly-crosslinked and conventional UHMWPEs despite different test parameters. Narrowing the allowable range for standardized test parameters could improve sensitivity of multi-axial testers in correctly ranking materials.

The 2nd Edition of the UHMWPE Biomaterials Handbook

The 2nd Edition of the UHMWPE Biomaterials Handbook, edited by Steven M. Kurtz, Ph.D., is published by Elsevier Academic Press. The new edition includes 35 chapters and over 15 contributors, expanding upon the history, properties, and clinical performance of biomaterials used for joint replacement. The new edition contains dedicated chapters to remelted and annealed highly crosslinked UHMWPE, Vitamin E stabilization, composite biomaterials, high pressure crystallization, as well as chapters covering advances in characterization, such as hip and knee simulator testing, radiographic wear measurement, biological response of wear debris, and fatigue and fracture behavior. The book can be ordered via the Amazon website or downloaded as an Ebook. A preview of the Ebook is also available.

Conferences Updates

Save the Date for the 7th International UHMWPE Meeting in Philadelphia, USA


The Implant Research Center of Drexel University and Exponent in collaboration the Univeristy of Torino are organizing the 7th International UHMWPE Meeting in Philadelphia, PA, USA, on Thursday and Friday, September 24-25, 2015. Please save the date and check back here on this website for more information on the planning of the next UHMWPE meeting.


Standards Updates

New UHMWPE Standards Published in 2013

ASTM has just published an update to ASTM F648-13, the Standard Specification for UHMWPE Powder and Consolidated Forms; ASTM F2565-13, the Standard Guide to Irradiation Crosslinked UHMWPE, and ASTM F2977-13, the Standard Method for Small Punch Testing. The next ASTM meeting of the UHMWPE working group will be at the Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Riverfront Hotel, in Jacksonville, FL, on Wednesday, November 13, 2013.